Transforming data into clear and compelling proposal assets


Aha! Concepts employs a very simple strategy for creating powerful proposal assets:
  • Clean, straightforward, and accurate
  • Communicates effectively through visual perception
  • Defines the main point
  • Creative, up to date, and scoreable. 

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    Visually distinctive and easy to understand

    Proposal graphics are essential to conveying the value of a company’s capability to their customer. Well-designed graphics emphasize the themes in the story and summarize the solution and approach for evaluators to quickly assess a company’s understanding and approach.


    Story Telling vs. the Shipley and SM&A Storyboarding

    When communicating complex ideas, more often it is better to draw than to talk. Visual Storyboarding (we call it modular storytelling) uses a graphic or illustration for each major section and main requirement. This approach is the most effective way of reducing lengthy proposal text and providing an easy-to-grasp view of the story being presented. 


    First Impression Proposal Covers

    Covers set the stage for an evaluator’s perception. A compelling and well-designed cover enhances the credibility and professionalism of your proposal. If what looks intriguing also reads well; then that advantage can ultimately be difference between a good or excellent score.


    Content Management

    We use Dropbox, FileAnyware, or SharePoint for file management, file recovery, and versioning of documents and files. We create a link to the file in Dropbox or FileAnyware so clients can view or download the latest version. All files are protected with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification process.


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